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Continuous towels are a great asset for your company's washrooms. They are extremely affordable and very hygienic in comparison with paper and air-drying.

Continuous towels are much more sustainable than paper towels, as the paper towels will end up in land fill. For example, one 45 meter cloth towel processed over 75 times replaces the use of 30,000 paper towels.  

Continuous towels are more hygienic than hot air drying and paper towels as they remove more bacteria.

In addition, they keep costs down for your business:

•   No solid waste disposal cost

•   Reduces cleaning costs

•   No costly plumbing stoppages due to flushed towels

•   No inventory or capital investment required

Water Recovery

We invest in the latest water recovery technology.  

Recycling programs

We are committed to caring for the environment. We take our passion for sustainability seriously and our continuing mission is to leave the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. Part of our passion for the environment includes our recycling initiatives, re-using hangers and bio-degradable poly bags, to name but three.

We believe it’s our responsibility to make sure that while cleaning your garments, we’re also caring for our beautiful planet.


Contact us


PHONE: 03 477 2140

Phyiscal Address: 5 Kitchener Street, Dunedin 9016


SALES: Chris 021969413 or 4772140 Ext-701 EMAIL: sales@preens.co.nz


LINENMASTER CUSTOMER SERVICES SUPERVISOR: Nicola 0211186330 EMAIL: linenoffice@preens.co.nz


PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR: Sandy 4772140 Ext-734 EMAIL: production@preens.co.nz 


LINEN DISPATCH: 4772140 Ext-720 or 0278010392 EMAIL: linen@preens.co.nz

HR / PEOPLE & CULTURE: Gabrielle  4772140 Ext-705 EMAIL: HR@imageservices.co.nz


PREENS LINENMASTER - A division of Preens Apparelmaster. Locally owned and operated since 1979.

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